Thursday, 22 July 2010

Confessions of a neglected studio

I often get asked about my studio space. People love to know where designers work, whether it's a lovely big warehouse studio, or a bench space in a room. Like many independent designers I work from a space at home. Our box room is my beloved studio.

It has recently been very neglected, as I have been tending to our baby girl! Now she is one, I feel I can devote more time to my work. This is very liberating and thanks to family I am finding more of a design/baby balance!

Today a magazine came to photograph me and my space. Not wishing to be left out, Scarlett oversaw proceedings! I don't love having my photo taken, but the photographer and journalist were very nice.

The upcoming shoot made me focus on my sad space, and it is now much more efficient and studio-esque! It reflects my love of sketchbooks, and bringing together many elements into an area - whether it's a page or room.

My studio contains materials, inspiration, precious objects, fabric, sewing machine, some of my Vogue collection and various random items. Of course, 'works in progress' are littered about, not to mention the plastic bags......

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